First event.......

After a quick wiz on the sewing machine to transform my daughter into, 'Alpaca by Rosemary Billam' for World Book Day, swept away by Doris, preparation for the Spring Market at The Roundhouse, Derby everything was under way. 

Creating a mock up in my kitchen, putting together bespoke props, vintage pieces to reflect my love of the countryside and all that goes with it. And always a cup of tea by my side!


I decided to block print my labels and other information, giving an overall fluid feel like the water colours. It all came together well and I was pleased with the results.

Having had the unexpected news that my Dad had passed away the week before the event, I am now pleased I still attended. Debs the organiser was very kind as were lots of the other stall holders. My extremely supportive husband came with me too, helping to put the stand together. This is where the mock up in my kitchen really helped. I was able to look back at photos, adapt it a little but something I will deffinately do again and advise others too. 


The over all effect I accomplished and was pleased under the circumstances. The customers were very positive with their comments. Lots of great feed back and things for me to think about. New ideas, different events, stand ideas, what to change, what my customers liked and why.

Which brings me to whats New for Sweet Pea Designs. I am in the process of designing the alphabet with each letter illustrated with an individual rabbit. I have started with my daughters name to give you an idea of how a collection would look. Here is a close up of the first letter. Once I have drawn the alphabet and numbers 1-10 I will be having them printed and they will be able to be purchased on my website. 

Ive had a wonderful trip to the fabulous Emma Bridgewater factory with my bestie and our children to start the Easter holidays. Creating my own Easter plate. I look forward to seeing the results this week! Some times its nice to use my painting skills on another medium and seeing how it changes, what effects I can play with and working in another environment x 

It's been an emotional Easter break in many ways. But with the support of my wonderful family and friends I'm getting through it. I've enjoyed local walks in the glorious sunshine, our first picnic to the National Trusts Kedleston Hall, the fab West Midland Safari Park and a traditional Easter hunt in the garden.

But this year Easter has been a particulary memorable one, as my brother with his wife and 14 month son (who we hadn't met before) arrived on Easter Sunday to be re united with us. Family is so very important to me and will always come first.