The month of love.........x

Well, January ended on a high as it was my birthday. It was lovely to spend some quality time with my family and friends, I was spoilt to bits. And we are now creeping towards the end of February!!! 

Its been a productive month with my main focus on the Derbyshire Spring Market in March. Making sure my stand will live up to the quality I have enjoyed in the past. One exciting delivery arrived quite early, my sign! I wanted to make sure my logo is eye catching but also presented in a unique style. I can't give the game away but if you pop along to the event you'll see what I mean. I will post a few images on Instagram and my March blog after the show.

I have been painting away and posting images of my work on social media. Showing you all what I have been up to and because of this I have had quite a few sales, particularly through Instagram. This black and white rabbit has sold to Ali Leja designs based in Georgia, USA. Im so over whelmed by the support I have received from everyone. 

I have continued with my walking and goal of getting fitter. Walking with my family every Sunday and started running again! There's nothing better than being out in the countryside, contemplating the week gone by and thoughts of whats to come, christening my new wellies was fun too in all the mud!

My next commission came from Fife, Scotland. I was honoured to be asked to paint a gorgeous Flatcoated Retreiver that has passed away. A very special piece that would mean so much to the family I was painting it for. I had some lovely feedback and they were very pleased. Commissions like these are so special to customers and such a privilege to paint. I do get a little nervous once they are all packaged up and ready to be sent in the post. But once the feedback is given and I know the customer is happy, I can rest!



February also brought half term, a week I can enjoy with my little girl making rabbit biscuits, few days out, walks and being creative. Amongst this week I have been continuing with my illustrations and working on the scenes for the children's book I am collaborating on. My Monday teasers have been quite popular and I've had lots of positive feedback. 


From seeing both styles of my workI have been asked to design a business logo for a new customer. Its all very exciting and I look forward to sharing with you next month the results. 

There has been lots of preparation for the Spring Market at The Roundhouse, Derby. Painting crates, collecting items for the stand, jars for flowers and hoping my bulbs will be in full bloom in my terracotta pots!!!! My paintings are now being mounted and framed with hand stamped prices on luggage labels. 

I look forward to posting on social media in the last few weeks leading up to the event and images of my stand. So keep a look out, follow me on the journey and I will keep you all posted on new and exciting news for March.