bespoke artwork for home interiors
Hello welcome to Sweet Pea Designs in Derbyshire.

Welcome to Sweet Pea Designs. I am Emma-Jayne Bourne and I specialise in original watercolour paintings. My business is based around the love I have for the countryside and passion I have for being creative, sharing this dream with my supportive husband Michael and daughter Rosa.

My collection of paintings are inspired by growing up in the Staffordshire countryside. Enjoying the seasons, collecting natural objects to paint, print with and enjoy those muddy walks in my favorite autumnal season. Warming up by the fire with a cosy mug of tea and toasting tea cakes.

Now living in the Peak District my roots are firmly settled in the tranquil Derbyshire countryside. I find constant inspiration out in the fields that surround our village, inspiring views and livestock with plenty to photograph and engage with. Constantly being excited to create the next painting or to design the next illustration. I work from my country kitchen studio and take inspiration from the seasons and the bespoke home accessories and art pieces I have collected over the years.

Having a BA Honours in Contemporary Crafts and over 19 years experience in creative industries and educational settings, I am combining my qualifications and skills to create Sweet Pea Designs.

Watercolour artwork for country homes.

I have always loved drawing from a small age, drawing in bed before we said goodnight! Copying from books or just drawing from my imagination. Always having a project on the go at home and my brother and I loved to pull the ‘art trolley’ out of the under stair cupboard most Sundays.

Throughout my art and design courses I’ve loved to draw, paint, be creative using mixed media and sew, creating gifts for the family. I particularly remember over a few months one year spending each visit with my Grandparents learning how to embroider. Sitting with my Nanny patiently listening and learning the art of creating such wonderful patterns with beautiful threads. After the duration had passed this journey came to an end on Mothers Day when I presented the embroidery on a tablecloth for my Mum, a treasured piece still.


Along side the watercolour painting I create which capture the character of countryside animals, I have also been exploring the fun characterful life of illustration. Therefore I have been combining the watercolour but adding the use of an outline to give the illustrations depth. Combining all my skills and memories of past events that together have developed into these charming illustrations.

To help these grow I have collaborated with Tony Hollinshead MEd ©woodlandcreaturessweetpeastories and these charming creations are in the process of developing into a series of children’s stories. With Tony’s vast experience in the education setting and humorous outlook on life the characters come alive. With each story a song may also appear which Tony has written. His love of music, natural writing ability and fantastic connection with young people, shine in these imaginative stories.